How To Book

Private events are booked by placing a refundable deposit to secure your desired date & time (after the studio confirms availability).


Deposits are refunded the first business day after the event, if the minimum headcount was met. If the minimum headcount wasn't met, empty seats up to the minimum are deducted from the deposit. The remainder of the deposit will then be refunded, as applicable. You may use your deposit on the day of the event to make any extra purchases! We can also refund your deposit after 5 guests have arrived.

A private party may be rescheduled without penalty, with at least 5 business days' notice (Monday-Friday) before the originally scheduled event date. There are a minimum of 5 painters at $40 incl. tax per painter. This is the same price per person as our public events! With more than 10 guests, tickets are available for $35 incl. tax.

What's Included

We want your event to be fun, organized and effortless. We provide you with all the supplies needed for a party, including our helpful artist(s) to host and guide your guests through the event.


In-studio parties will have the entire studio to themselves, with space for all guests. Our Private Studio seats 24 as well. We'll schedule an event any time we don't have something already on the schedule. Don't have enough people for a private event? Join a public class instead!


Canvases, brushes, palette knives, paints, palettes, aprons and anything else needed to finish a masterpiece.


Our instructors are professional artists themselves, and they are well-trained in making the painting process simple and enjoyable for painters of all skill levels. They will also keep the energy up and the painters engaged. They are as much artists as entertainers. Everyone gets step-by-step instructions at a comfortable pace. 


Our studio is equipped with mini fridges to make it easier to keep drinks & food at the right temperature. You'll also have counter space available. You are welcome to bring whatever food that you would like, whether it’s homemade, potluck, or catered in! We even have some preferred local caterers that can provide food for your event. We work with you to arrange the Special Event Permit, so you can enjoy an alcoholic beverage during your private party.


We provide real glassware for all guests. No need to go out and buy disposable cups! Please bring tableware for food.


We'll have a crowd-pleasing playlist ready for you. Or, you can tell us what sort of music you'd like for your event and we'll tailor a playlist to your needs. And don't worry – we make sure the music doesn't get in the way of hearing the artist's instructions.

Event Details

Adult parties include three hours of studio time. This includes 30 minutes before + after painting to give guests time to arrive, settle in and socialize, or use it for the planner to set up food/decorations. There are a minimum of 5 painters at $40 incl. tax per painter. With more than 10 painters, tickets are available for $35 incl. tax. Have 5 or fewer painters? You can pay the minimum fee of $200 and still book a private paint party.

Painting Selection

You can select from the painting catalogue or submit your ideas for a custom painting two weeks before the paint party.

You don't have to choose a painting in order to book an event, but the final selection must be confirmed with the studio at least four days before your event date.

If you need assistance choosing the right painting for your group, just get in touch with us. We've hosted quite a few events and can help you narrow it down.

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