Freestyle Painting

Paint what you love to paint when you want to paint it - anytime we are open! Freestyle painting includes up to 3 hours of studio time, your choice of canvas, art materials and unlimited paint - not to mention - owner/artist Adam Meikle nearby to help you paint the art you love. Here is a catalogue of painting ideas for inspiration too.

*Drop-ins welcome *Final start time is an hour before close *Entry is limited to availability

Meikle Studios is located at 148 Lakeshore Drive | (250) 463-4553 |

Canvas sizes, pricing & savings


12" x 12"


24" x 30"

Share a canvas
Each canvas can be shared by 2 painters; then each additional painter is $10.00


16" x 20"


24" x 36"

Bring your own canvas
$10.00 session fee/ painter + $5/ sq.ft



18" x 24"


36" x 36" (advance orders please)

Re & Re Canvas
Re - use a canvas that has been re - primed white 30% off


Advance orders for an XXL canvas session

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Reservation for which date?