Foundations of Drawing

Since the dawn of time, drawing has been one of the most popular modes of artistic expression… just think of cavemen! Express yourself through this encouraging and relaxing drawing class as YOU:

  • Learn our fear-free art approach as you learn to draw in our non-judgmental art studio

  • Feel inspired by a variety of subject matter including: still life, realism, abstraction, landscape, portraiture, and more

  • Unleash your inner-artist as you learn the foundations of drawing techniques, such as: charcoal and pencil use, shading, expressive line, composition, dimension and more!

  • Create many finished drawings

  • As always receive the lasting health benefits of art classes, such as relaxation, stress relief, and mental clarity

These sessions are currently just a ‘Pop up Workshop’, but inquire below if you are interested in consecutive classes. Thank you.

Instructor(s): Adam Meikle

Price $30/ 2 hr session. Includes materials

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