Corporate ART Events

Team Building for Everyone!

Corporations that are looking for ways to keep their employees engaged with their workplace, look no further. Whether it be a deeper sense of camaraderie or a time to relax as cohorts, there is always team building happening.

Team building workshops include 16x20" canvas,  unlimited paint, 2-3 hours of studio time and step by step instruction from owner/artist Adam Meikle. In studio tickets are available for $40/guest, and groups of 10+, for $35/guest.

NEW!! We are mobile within Salmon Arm city limits for $40/guest and mobile anywhere outside city limits $45/ guest.

Choose the workshop

Option 1: For everyone to take home
 16” x 20” individual canvas

Option 2: To decorate the workplace walls
 36” x 36” large canvas (for every 5-6 guests)

Combine Options
 16” x 20” individual canvas
 $75/ ea. additional 36” x 36” large canvas

Choose the painting

.. or send us an idea and Adam will customize a painting for you!

Choose the day

Choose any available Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday evening. If you prefer an earlier start time, we can also reserve any available Tuesday thru Saturday.

Name *
Details and questions

All forms of payment accepted the night of paint night, and wine & snacks are welcome in the studio too. Taxes included.

Our corporate clients include: